RUM –┬áMedical Utilization Review


Manage continuous software improvement for Hospitals and Insurers complying with most exigent quality standards.


ReqStudio provided a simple way to have all software properly documented for quality audits in a continuous development cycle.


Healthcare Monitoring Services was able to specify and develop a full revamp of its software within two months, thanks to standardization and reutilization of data flows.

Mitigating risks through quality standards compliance

This new Medical Utilization Review System allows you to optimize the health care provided by your organization. This program is fully functional for the team of professionals who perform case management and medical review of the hospitalized patient.

RUM is a tool that provides effective and easy-to-use technological solutions. It collects patient information processing the criteria that involve the patient’s management and the effective review of the use of medical services. HCMS has developed the RUM system that integrates different technologies so that the professional can make correct and effective decisions for the management of the medical condition of their clients. The electronic information with which RUM feeds is managed by the same database of the different departments of your organization. The integration in the clinical care of the administrative and financial areas allows you to customize the services of your organization. The data transfer is completely secure and in an encrypted way by means of channels and channels that allow you to comply with the privacy requirements of the HIPAA law.